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Resident Evil Vendetta 2017 known as Bio-hazard: Vendetta Baiohazado Vendetta in Japan, is an upcoming 2017 Japanese 3D animated bio-punk film. It part of the Resident Evil franchise, set in the same universe as the associated video games unlike the live action films starring Milla Jovovich. The film features the characters Chris Red-field, Leon S. Kennedy and Rebeca Chambers after a lengthy absence from the series.

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It will the third CG movie, after Resident Evil: Degeneration in 2008, followed by Resident Evil: Damnation in 2012, and this film will mark the third with Leon as a main character. The film is produced by Marza Animation Planet, written by Makoto Fukami and directed by Tandoori Tsujimoto. It is scheduled for release in Japan in the spring of 2017. The story is set between the events of Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil. BAAS Chris Red-field enlists the help of government agent Leon . Kennedy and Professor Rebeca Chambers from Alexander Institute of Biotechnology to try to stop Glenn Arias, a death merchant who is on a mission of vengeance from spreading a new deadly virus known as The Trigger Virus in New York City.

The first trailer shows Chris Red-field and some of his fellow BSAA soldiers entering a mansion infested with zombies, that resembles the mansion from the first Resident Evil game. Kennedy is seen walking alone inside a mortuary and is later seen discharging his handgun at an unknown off-screen target. Rebeca Chambers is confirmed to appear in the film but was not shown in the first trailer. An unknown man wearing a trench coat is also seen.Cap-com has stated that despite being called a reboot, it is still actually just a sequel. They were actually referring to the film’s new tone. He was revealed to be a man named Glenn Arias, who is seeking revenge.

Resident Evil Vendetta 2017 Movie Info:-

Directed by:- Takanori Tsujimoto
Produced by:- Capcom
Edited by:- Takanori Tsujimoto
Release date:- 27-05-2017
Running time:- 110 minutes
Language:- English
Country:- Japan

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