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Munna Michael 2017 is an Indian action dance film directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Viki Rajani and Eros International. The film features Tiger Shr off in a lead role alongside Nidhhi Agerwal and Nawaz uddin Siddiqui.It marks the third collaboration between Shroff and director Khan after Hero panti and Baaghi. Michael Ronit Roy is a dancer inspired by Michael Jackson. One day Michael is fired from his job and disappointedly leaves the studio. On his way home, he finds a newly born baby crying on the side of the road.

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Michael adopts him and names him Munna Tiger Shr off. Munna, just like Michael, grows up to be an extraordinary dancer and a diehard fan of Michael Jackson. Michael doesn’t want Munna to become a dancer and instead insists him to do a proper job. Munna instead visits dance clubs with his gang and challenges their dancers, thereby earning money in the process. Michael gets ill and is admitted to a hospital. When Munna goes to see him, he once again asks him to drop his idea of dancing. Meanwhile the dance clubs in Mumbai have blacklisted Munna and his gang so Munna tries his luck at Delhi.

In one such club Munna clashes with a guy called Balli and beats his fellows. Balli happens to be the brother of Mahender Nawaz uddin Siddiqui, a gangster. Mahender comes to know about the fight his brother got into , he asks a police inspector to get him Munna who beat his brother. Before calling Munna before himself, Mahender watches a video of Munna dancing. Mahender gets impressed by Munna’s dancing skills and asks Munna to teach him how to dance. During the dance sessions, Munna and Mahender become best friends. One day, some gangsters attacks Mahender and Munna saves his life.

Munna Michael 2017 Movie Info:-

Directed by Sabbir Khan
Running time 240 minutes
Release date by 21 July 2017
Language Hindi
Country India


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